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Products and Services

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Our vision

CSN sees a future where the collision service industry is uncoupled from the insurance industry and not artificially controlled or adversely influenced by anyone or anything. CSN is guided by free market business principles and prudent business judgment. CSN significantly helps our client body shops and affiliated businesses to increase profits and expand customer base.

We believe that a vibrant and independent collision services industry segmented by a shop’s location, level of training, industry certifications, investment in technology and quality of work will ensure consumers’ safety and well-being are foremost in the minds and actions of those performing the repairs to their damaged vehicles.

Mission Statement

To facilitate a fair and equitable settlement of our customers insurance claims involving their covered vehicles as defined in an auto policy and improving the profitability and visibility of our client business partners in the collision services industry and related business’s. We will accomplish this by empowering our customers with industry based knowledge, professional consultation, freedom of choice, thought our network of professional and independent repair facilities together with our affiliated business partners and implementing marketing strategies that will leverage technology to drive advertising efficiency and increase market share of all our client business partners.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Sincerity
  • Honesty
  • Competency
  • Ethical

Our Objective

Our objective is to unify the collision services industry and all affiliated business entities push the insurance consumer and pull the collision services industry together creating a certain marketing entity. CSN creates economies of scale for all client collision businesses’ irrespective of shop size, location, specialties and tangible real value for the insurance consumer through choice, knowledge and convenience.

CSN develops a systematic and consistent vetting process to include a physical on-site inspection of all our business associates and independent repair facilities to ensure they meet the highest industry standards and their business practices are consistent with CSN’s core values. Such industry standards include, but are not limited to I-CAR, BBB, and Fair Claims Practices.

At CSN, we offer the insurance consumer real time accessibility, knowledge and professionalism. All insurance consumers’ needs are met in one central location. CSN facilitates and leads this movement, helping to unify a fragmented industry and empowering the misinformed consumer.

Commitment, Quality Service, Reliability, Customer Advocacy – That’s What CSN Stands For  

We are an organization that has superior knowledge and service that is of value. We value our customers and always strive to build long-term relationships.

As CSN is the voice of the collision services industry and the advocate for the insurance consumer, we bring clarity and solidarity for both our customers and the collision services industry.

Our customer service goals target business practices and principles that ensure every CSN customer has a WOW experience. We give feelings of trust, confidence, security and strength.

At C.S.N. we say the future is today and your future is in proactive and forward looking marketing & advertising. Let C.S.N. build your better tomorrow, get you where your going, make your dreams come true with our professional consulting & marketing staff, to be successful in a changing world. Those that embrace the future become the future.